Featured Animation and Art Websites

The sites in our Featured Animation and Art section are owned by people we've known for many years and have no hesitation in recommending them to you. They offer both contemporary and vintage animation art and collectibles from Disney and other studios, or have unique information to share with animation fans and collectors.

ASIFA - Hollywood is the Hollywood branch of the International Society For the Appreciation of Animation. This is a great group who do a fabulous job seeing to it that the history of animation is preserved and appreciated, and that new animators are encouraged and nurtured. Their annual convention, ANIFEST, is something any fan would enjoy.

The Disneyana Fan Club (formerly the National Fantasy Fan Club or NFFC), is a national organization of Disney fans and collectors. Their annual meetings are always a treat because they get great guests from Disney, and the Show and Sale brings together the best in Disney collectibles. There are also local chapters in most major cities, so you can connect with your fellow Disney collectors who live near you.

Neverland Animation Art Gallery is a fellow Disney Animation Art gallery, with Cels and Drawings on display. You'll find some excellent new and vintage art there from your favorite Disney movies and cartoons.

A star among art online art galleries is Art Gallery Worldwide, with many different kinds of Art - landscape painting, realism, abstract art and more.


Scratch a dealer and you'll find a collector, as the saying goes, and it cetainly applies to Rainbo Animation Art. We present this collection of places on the Internet where you'll find amazing collectibles, Disney and other genre's. We hope you enjoy them.

Phil Sears is one of the two acknowledged experts on Walt Disney's autograph in the whole world, and he always has interesting Disney-autographed memoribelia for sale. He also offers a wide range of quality Disney collectibles through his website. Phil is a true professional in every way. Phil's been very gracious to us over the past 20 years we've known him and highly recommend him to all Disney collectors.

Collectibles in Paradise showcases Hawaiian collectibles and information. You won't find this stuff all over eBay. They also have a useful directory for antiques and collectibles. Try not to resent them for living in Hawaii. I know I'm still struggling over that.

Movieprop.com specializes in Movie prop, celebrity items, memorabilia, reviews, production, and more. They have a fine directory of toys and collectibles. If you've tried everywhere else, try them!

Animation fans will truly appreciate Dave's Disney Obsession. It's a fun Disney Fan site that talks about Disney collectibles, Disney movies, and visiting the Theme Parks.

Disney fans will find lots to enjoy in Mike's blog of Disney Memorabilia. They also have an active online forum where you can discuss your collection.

If you collect Disney Pressed Pennies, you'll want to check out Park Pennies where you can find a guide to all of the pressed pennies (and quarters) that have been available in Disneyland and Walt Disney World over the years.

Find Disney is a Disney collectibles site that focuses on Disney paper collectibles and Pluto collectibles. There's also some great story pages about their visits to Disneyland.

Collectible Detective is an extensive Antiques and Collectibles Guide. Their directory covers the gamut of antiques and vintage collectibles, from furniture and figurines to other memorabilia.

Pins and Jewelry

The Disney pin craze built slowly from the 1980's and truly exploded in the 1990's with the advent of official Disney Pin Trading to the point where we wanted to give them their own section on this page. We also want you to remember that we have a good assortment of collectible Disney pins, and hope you check out what we offer, and then have a look at some of these other fine pin sellers.

DizPins is a great resource on Disney pins, featuring an archive of past pins and new releases. You'll also find a list of other sites with even more information about Disney pins and pin trading.

If you're looking for a lapel pins worldwide source, Pinsource is a manufacturer of lapel pins since 1986. They make custom lapel pins, stock lapel pins, silicone wristbands, and many others. Your business, club, or NFFC chapter could have their own pins!

And for all of you jewelry makers, check out a great source for Wholesale Beads - Beads Direct USA! You can enjoy a relaxing evening with a cup of gourmet tea and bead up a nice piece of jewelry.

See Maynard's Tackle for hand-crafted tungsten fishing jigs, made in Minnesota since 1958.

We specialize in Toy Story Toys and Collectibles!

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